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Nipple Play, Tight Spandex, Tight ass closeups and more…

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.11.14 PMOh boy this is a tasty one.  Back during my college days while I still lived in my old apartment I shot this hot live show.  I was pumped tanned and shredded.  Wrapped tightly in my UA workout gear, you get a bit of nipple play before I take the low hung beast out of its cage!


MMA stories from a young arrogant stud.

Here is anoScreen Shot 2015-02-11 at 8.54.28 PMther previously long lost video of me telling my fighting stories and playing with my fat cock.  A college kid with talent, charisma and a left hook to back it up.  Can you sense the arrogance in my tone? Ha!  Come get it you animals!


See the 30 minute video by clicking the link for members only, below!


30 Minute sweaty, cock filled video!

Spandex Bulging Stud returns

1-12-12Come checkout a classic archive that has me bulging everywhere.  Tight Spandex UA gear wrapped around my thick and hairy pecs along with a nice stretchy pair of briefs.  Stick around for whats underneath and you ‘ll get your just reward.  Settle in for this one.



Bearded Leather Daddy

1-1-12 Seems that hipster beards have been all the fucking rage lately.  Well this Daddy did it first and with a body, face and fucking attitude to match.  If you like me best as the arrogant prick I am then dont miss this sensational video archive!  And if you dont like me like that, then fuck you.   But you know I still love you….



Young Sweaty and Horny!

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 6.54.57 PM Young, Sweaty, and in a nasty dominant mood.  Just uploaded a classic archive video from years ago.  You can see the beginnings of my aggressive and cocky attitude begin to grow…..along with my beautiful fat cock.  Come feel it for yourself now in the Members only section!


Staring up at pure power

11-20-14 In this weeks new video update you get a chance to stare up at my thick hairy pecs as I tell you all about my latest story.  Be ready t o serve properly because I’m in a particularly dominant mood.  Perhaps ive been eating big and lifting big.  Feeling so strong and powerful makes me want to take control.  Come experience it for yourself now!



Hairy & Horny

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.07.06 PMMore nasty details from my latest face fucking.  I’m nice and hairy in this video, which is rare.  So if you like a little more fur on me, this video is for you.




After hours at the gym…

10-2-14 After hours at the gym, and it seems I had a peeping Tom.  Now what shall we do with him?  I have a few ideas we can work on.  Login to the Members Only section and catch the new archived video now!


Live tonight on cam!

Come catch me tonight live on cam.  Its been a very hectic 2 weeks but i had the chance to blow off some steam with this new girl I’m seeing.  I’ll tell you about it tonight.  See you at 10:30pm Eastern time.

All that glitters…

9-18-14  Covered in gold glitter, pumped & flexing.  Be sure to catch the end where it looks like my chest and abs are covered in dried cumshots as I Shoot a big load.  Can you imagine the Bukkake it would take to cover me??



The College Years

11-13-8 Just found this old video of me back in college.  Pumped, working out and talking about fucking college girls.  This is a 45 minute unedited clip so get comfy and take your cock out.



Pounding her deep

9-4-14 Its time to demonstrate how I pounded out my latest slut.  I’m wrapped up tight in two cockrings while I work on my fleshlight a little.  But dont worry,  I make sure to put you to work as well!  Get down on your knees and watch the latest video archive now in the Members Only section!



A little about my aggressive nature

8-31-14 In the newest video just added,  I tell you about my aggressive nature and how my fans helped intensify it.  Of course, it’s all in reference to this little slut I fucked recently.  Catch the live show replays and all the videos in the Members section now!


Let me tell you what I did to her.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.11.29 AMThis weeks video gets deep into how I turned this cute little girl-next-door into a cum hungry slut.  I know you guys love the details so I didn’t hold back on this one.  I loved telling her what to do and she took orders like a good little girl.  See all the action now in the Members Area.


See me live on cam tonight! (8/29)

Tonight live show(8/29) is at 10:30pm EST! Sign in to the Members Only section to access the webcam feed. See you guys then.  

Some recent stills from my live shows

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.54.22 AM

Just a few stills from one of my recent live shows.  Join in on the action in the Members Only Area!




Fuck Night! Tanned and ready.

8-10-14  Super sweaty, toned and talking about what damage I’m gonna do tonight to this slut tonight.  What me get worked up and stripped down.   Checkout another new archive in the Members Only videos section.


This weeks new video archive!

I’m working on editing the new video.  It should be uploaded within the next 24hrs so stay tuned.  Trust me, its worth the wait!

This weeks live show for members only

This week’s live show is Friday 8/8 at 10:30pm.  Login to the members only section to join to the show.  If you cant make it, I archive every show so you dont miss out on any of the action or conversations.

My first attempt at penetration!

Just added a video from years ago which was my first attempt at penetration.  Check it out now while its in the Members only section!

Muscle assfuck!

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 1.05.01 AM You’ve been dying to see it happen.  So come find out in the members only section! Also, checkout a new video update coming within the next 24hrs in addition to my weekly live show!



Watch me customize my sweaty jockstrap for a fan!

7-19-14 Tanned, Toned, and playing with my nips in a tight wet jockstrap. You get to see me customize a jock that a fan had just purchased and its gonna get messy.  Don’t miss this video update or your cock just might murder you in the night.



Youve got cum on your face

6-26-14 You animals get a fantastic camera angle  in this weeks new video archive!  Imagine droplets of sweat falling on your face as I grind my thick muscular hips.  A little nasty talk gets me rock hard and having all of you around me for worship pushes me over the edge.  Enjoy the shot right intot he camera!  This show is not to be missed!  Check it out in the Members ONLY section now!!



Beating the beast.

6-22-14 Come get a taste of that thick muscle ass as I beat up on my heavy bag and talk about throwing some guy a beating.  by the end of the video, I’m hovering over you as the sweat from my thick chest drops into your mouth.  Having you exactly where I want you is also exactly where you need to be.  Don’t deny it.  Experience it all now in the Members section!


Just a little taste of whats inside.


Join now to catch all the nastiness!

Verbal Locker room warmup!

6-5-14Another real nasty verbal video with me getting ready for a hot date.  I give you all the details on just how I’m gonna control tonights lucky little slut.  Get all the details and a very hot ending in the Members Only section now!


Tight Blue Thong Workout

9-13-12 This weeks update is a classic video that’s bulging with sweaty goodness.  Tight as can be and framing that muscle ass as I stretch and workout.  But don’t worry, it will get peeled off.  Check it out now in the Videos section!



Post-fuck show!

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.20.44 PM Checkout my post-fuck show for the hot details of how I railed this chick last week.


Date Night pre-fuck show

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.58.20 AMThis is a 2 part video update that has me getting ready before a hot date and then hearing the nasty story and seeing the re-enactment of the tastiest parts of a hot fuck session.  The conclusion will be added with in 24-48hrs, so catch the whole show in the Members Only section while you still have a chance!


The “Drill” Instructor

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 3.43.47 PM The Drill Instructor is back!  If you like your dominance served up in camo and leather boots this classic video archive is for you. Checkout the whole nasty video in the members section!


Nasty Stripshow

4-18-14 My latest video has me grindin’ to some nasty blues playing in the background.  You’ll notice my jock getting tighter and tighter until I need to explode.  I could use a few of you on your knees.  Care to join?  Checkout the whole video now!


She Got Bull fucked

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 11.57.47 PMThis week I tell you about this little slut I bull fucked against the heavy bag in the basement of my gym.  I know how much you love to hear me tell a story and catch it while you can, only for MEMBERS ONLY.


Watch me work those big muscular hips

4-1-14  All horned up as usual and ready to fuck.  So who’s it gonna be?  Watch those heavy powerful hips do some damage and then get a nice big surprise at the end!  Watch the whole HD video now in the MEMBERS ONLY SECTION!


What an Arrogant prick!

xtube7What a cocky fucking attitude I had here in this just-found footage from a few years back!  Hanging low and in a nasty mood playing with a leather belt.  It’s what I know you love about me. Get into the Members area and catch the whole nasty clip.  It does cut off abruptly at the end but it’s certainly worth the ride.

Showing you how i fuck deep with a nasty attitude

03-04-10 I know you guys love it when i get verbal and I was in one of those nasty moods.  You get me working those hips giving you a nice fuck lesson right after getting back from the gym.  Pull up a seat and tongue my asshole while I blow.  You don’t wanna miss miss this.  Check it all out now in the Members Only section!


Fleshlight gets fed!

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.45.16 PM I was so horny after the gym that I need to breakout my Fleshlight and do some damage. Catch all the HD closeups in this wet and wild instant classic!



Verbal Dominant Stud makes you serve him

02-13-14The new video archive is now up.  Hairy, oily and fucking horny.  Just they way you want me.  If you like some nasty talk, checkout the video and get ready to blow a load all over yourself who pig!


Classic Cyling trainer fantasy video!

12-27-12Another classic that you guys have begged to bring back.  Ride with this nasty trainer and you’re sure to be covered in sweat by the time you’re done.  Dont forget to get some protein when you’re finished!  In the members only area for a limited time only so see it while you can!


Under Armour & Spandex Fetish show!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.31.30 PM For those of you that made it to the live show last week know how hot is was.  Not only was I horny as fuck after the gym, but I laid back and told you a hot story about some girl I recently fucked.  Hands down it was the best head I ever got and you can tell that telling the story got me rock hard.  Not to mention the feel of that tight Spandex rubbing against my thick soldier.  If youve bee dragging your feet about becoming a member this is the time to make the move.


Cigar Smoking Cum Blasting

11-30-11You guys have begged me to dig this video out of the vault.  It has me kicking back in my tioght leather jacket smoking a cigar and stripping down.  Verbally putting you in your place and blasting all over you.  Yeah, you need to see this video.  Check it out in the members section now!


Live tonight on webcam for my weekly show!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 5.10.58 PM  Get your asses into the members are to join tonight hot live show!  Ive got my new wrestling spandex and will be getting worked up in it before stripping down.  I love the feel of spandex rubbing against my hard cock and you can tell!  Checkout all the replays from past shows only in the Members section!


The Boss II

12-26-13 The highly anticipated nasty conclusion has now been added to the Members Only Section.  Enjoy the giant reward!


The Boss needs to use you for something…

12-19-13If you like me beefy, horny and in charge, you need to catch the new video.  You walk into the bosses over and catch him watching porn. Ready to work your way to the top? You can almost smell the testosterone in the air as the strip down begins.  The explosive ending almost takes out the cam.  Catch it now in the members only section!


Live tonight on cam!

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.32.52 AM Come talk to me live on cam tonight in the MEMBERS ONLY section!


Another long lost video of me stroking in college!

0000 This weeks classic archive from college has me getting much nastier, showing off how big i really get when I’m pumped and horny.  Catch all the footage in the Members only section now!


Long lost archive from my college years!

0004This week I’m uploading some footage from 2007 that I thought I had lost.  I was just a young little thing with a fat cock and a ripped body.  But you could tell I was already an Alpha.  Log in to the members only section to see this lost footage while it’s still up!


Come see My gorgeous cock explode tonight live on cam! (12/05)

hot_edit Get your Hotgymnast membership now to access all the nastiness I pump out on a regular basis.

Live members only show tonight at 10pm EST!


Sometimes I’m naughty, sometimes I’m nice, but usually I’m just plain fucking nasty and aggressive.  Adding new videos and photo galleries so stop missing out!  See you all inside.  Just make sure you get on your fucking knees because that’s where I like you best.

This weeks update “Wrestler Domination”

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 12.09.18 AMThis weeks members only video had me fucking pumped.  Oiled up,  working out a very aggressive fantasy.  You’ll be down on your knees under my thick meat by the end of the video.  Checkout the photos and video only in the members section you maggots!

Sweaty, stroking classic camshow!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.33.31 PM Soaking wet, pumped, tanned and stroking like a maniac.  A classic archive from years ago that you need to see before its gone.



My Gorgeous Ass!

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 11.32.18 PMMy gorgeous ass gets just the attention it needs in this weeks newest live show archive.  You’ll see me sweating as I experience new territory. Come experience it with me.


Classic “Handyman Special” Archive just uploaded!

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 10.47.59 PMFor those of you who like to see me swing my big thick hammer, this is the video for you.  I brought back this much loved classic from several years ago.  Sweaty, stripped down, groaning and grunting.  It’s a heavy load but I know you guys can handle it.  Check it out in the Members only section now!

My new Wrestling Singlet!

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 11.25.22 PM One of my fans just ordered this skintight wrestling singlet for me and I cant wait to slip it on, and then peel it off.  Everything bulges when I have this on so make  sure you access the members only section to see the photos and the new video archive.

A Fanmade Video

Here is a fanmade video of one of my shows from a couple of years ago before I got the HD video recorder.  I put up classic archives like this all the time.  You need to be a member to see the whole uncensored version, so sign up and checkout all the nastiness!


Difficult Strength Move

So it turns out, I’m not just a good looking guy with a big cock…

A Little Posing

A little posing after a workout…